Viet Nom Nom is a catering and group meal delivery company based in Evanston, IL focusing on fresh, healthy, affordable meals and superior levels of service.

We cater to corporate events, university and school functions, speaker series, group lunch delivery, and pretty much any other small to large sized event you can think of.

  • We deliver anywhere within 5 miles of downtown Evanston and ask that you give us at least 24 hours-notice to make sure we can guarantee your preferred delivery times.
  • There is a minimum of $200 for all catering orders.
  • We charge a simple $10 delivery fee for all orders under $500 and 2% service fee for all orders above $500.

We’re in the business of making you happy and putting your mind at ease so give us a call and let us take care of your next event!

What’s an example of a Viet Nom Nom catered event? Glad you asked!

  • You want to order lunch for your office for a group of about 10 to 20 people. That works!
  • You have a client meeting and want to impress with freshness and a great taste. That’s us!
  • You are hosting a large info session or speaker panel and want something fast, unique, and refreshing. That’s Viet Nom Nom!
  • You’re planning a dinner party or family gathering and just don’t want to cook, clean, or worry about the food….we can do that too!

Viet Nom Nom has catered to offices, universities, hospitals, schools, public buildings, and private parties. We are eager to add destinations to that list so reach out to let us know how we can make your event stress free and absolutely delicious.