Viet Nom Nom was built on the philosophy that fast food can also be good food.

We believe Vietnamese cuisine provides the best example of combining fresh, healthy ingredients with complex and delicious flavors. Vietnamese food uses many raw, unprocessed vegetables and herbs, which maintains both natural flavors and the nutrition content that you’d otherwise lose through cooking. The proteins we use are never fried but instead always grilled or baked, which allows the true flavors to come out and not be hidden by a heavy, unhealthy batter.

Fresh, flavorful, filling. These are the words that encapsulate Viet Nom Nom’s menu and mission with our food. We want you to be able to taste the freshness, feel healthier for eating it, and be satisfied throughout your day. At Viet Nom Nom, we believe in “feel-good-food” and want to share the deliciousness with you!